The following story is very graphic and disturbing. The event happened on July 28, 2005. The City at that time was not at all animal friendly.

March 2010 - Today we have a new government and animal friendly people in power. Many good changes are happening for the animals.

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July 28th, 2005

Thursday (July 28th)about 9:30 AM I heard the dogs barking and looked outside. There is thetruck that the city uses to round up
50 - 100 dogs per day. These animals are immediately beaten to death and buried in the desert. There were also 3 police cars,
the city truck. several city vehicles,2 neighbors,and 4 youngmen that they use to beat the animals with poles, hammers and
sticks. They broke the lock on my front gate and entered the property hitting and rounding up the dogs.

I finally found the key to my front door and went outside screaming at them to stop. They entered my patio as I tried to toss puppies and a dog into the house. They told me that if I did not get the animals out they would break down my front door. They threatened several times to throw me in jail so I tried to be calm .I gave them the animals - saving a Chihuahua and her 4 new pups that are now with a friend. I have pictures and you can see them laughing and trying to hide their faces. A friend and I followed them to see where they were taking the dogs. They took 13 dogs. These dogs were healthy, vaccinated and had been sterilized. One was on Chemotherapy. They were taken to a salvage yard with no place for the animals so they stayed in the truck. I went back and gave them food and water but knew they would not last long in this heat.

I had a Mexican veterinarian go over the next evening and put them down humanely as to stop them from being beaten to death. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Their eyes haunt me. They told me that I could keep one dog so I did get Canela - my oldest rescue. Later I found that one of the kids had left his hammer on the ground near a yard where one dog is missing and I never did see her again. The Veterinarian had put down 11 dogs humanly with 2 injections each. There is so much more to this story. They are going to watch me very closely. This morning I went outside and found a small bucket with puppies in it outside my gate. I took them in and found 3 puppies dead in a black bag with the live 5 ones on top. They will be checking on me constantly and the only future for these animals is the HAMMER.



animal abuse 008_1.JPGanimal abuse 018_1.JPG

The city truck, The dogs,The executioner with mask over his face, laughing complaining neighbor.The policedid not abuse the animals they were there to protect the city from me in case I reacted (I was threatened with jail). Hammer thrown in yard by Executioner!!

animal_abuse_026.JPG ThE_Hammer_051.JPG


Oscar-The leader of the gangfrom the city.

Canela is the one dog that I was allowed to keep. She had bumps on her head and back end when she returned. Canela is my oldest rescue. I have had her now for four years (she is about 8 yrs old).She hid under the Jeep for 3 weeks and has been having seizures since her experience.

1alfie.jpg Alfie

Above are some of the dogs that were taken. Riley (the white dog) was on Chemotherapy for his cancer. Alfie the first dog was also on medication.

Alfie was brought to me by 2 friends in Las Conchas just weeks before the raid.

The raid occurred in July. The days were very hot and most of my friends had left for the summer.


National Palace Nov 3, 2005

The President Vicent Fox received the letter in which he solidifies and gives permission to continue the animal adoption activities to avoid the animal slaughter in Puerto Penasco.

The President gave me instructions to send a copy of the letter to the Health Secretary to see the best way to help.

This institution wants to help you in the future and we will let the President know the status of this situation

Coordinator from the Federal Community Service

- Benigno Aladro Fernandez

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