Visit the Intro page to donate through Pay Pal - a very safe way to donate. You can also use your credit card. Thank you to all that donate.

We have a wish list on Amazon - go to

and click on wish list for Nancy Phelan Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point

Pet food is not allowed into Mexico and if they see it at the border it will be taken. You can get it back upon your return to the USA. We feed our animals Kirkland dog, puppy and cat food from Costco. Lucky for us they do deliver from Costco Hermosillo to Rocky Point and we can purchase it at Weltons which is just south of the Sante Fe market on Juarez. The price is about the same and it is made in the USA and distributed through Mexico. We are always in need of cat litter, canned cat food and cleaning products of all kinds. A big thank you to all that help.

Donate a Bed
Our dogs and cats love to sleep on Kuranda beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog or cat to sleep in comfort

please click here to donate a Kuranda bed.


Thank you to all who donate beds for the animals !!!!!!!!!

We have been authorized with American Exress and AT&T for their donor match program. We are now authorized by and added Rogers Corporation out of Rogers CT. to our list of participating donar matches. If you work one of these companies they will match your donation made to:

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point Inc.

Please consider a donation and contact human resources at your company. Thank you American Express, Rogers andAT&T.

Thank you to all the companies that participate to help the animals.

We are a 501(c)3 Corporation and registered with the IRS .

Please bring donations tothe center located on Leon de la Barra (calle 15). It is located 2 blocks north of the green sign and overpass bridge at calle 13. Go east for three blocks on leon de la Barra .Center ison the left corner - look for the trailer in thefront yard and the chain link fence.

please consider a tax deductible donation.

For more information call:

Mexico 52 638 383 1012

Phoenix 602 412 3932

Tucson 520 407 6594

Mail Tax DeductIble Donations to :

AACORP-( a 501(c)3 Arizona Corporation)

P.O. Box 1031

Lukeville, AZ 85341


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